Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Traveling to Raleigh, North Carolina for the take off to London

We spent most of the day packing.  Hard job to decide what to take.  At 3:30 our daughter in law Shelby and our grandson Kheltyn take us to the airport.  Nice uneventful flight.  We arrive at the airport in Raleigh Durham about 9:40 and then call for the shuttle to our hotel.  I have been very careful in booking to make sure we get a hotel near the airport.  When we call we are told to call a cab and the hotel will reimburse us.  We obediently comply and after what seems like an eternity we finally arrive at La Quinta....They never told me it was eleven miles from the airport.  So much for close by.
Our flight to London doesn't leave until seven o'clock the next night so we have the day to do pretty much what we please.  What we please to do is sleep late and go down just before the stop serving breakfast.  Around eleven we call for the shuttle to take us back to the airport where we arrive just in time for lunch.  We decide on a restaurant called 'The Ale House' and have a sandwich and an ale for Earl and a coke for me.  So far the trip is off to a good start!
Our flight is on time and we are on the flight.
So here we go!
Off to London first and then off to the north country.....
We arrive in London the next morning around seven o'clock AM and are kind of loopy from being awake most of the time.  Not a good time to rent a car and start out driving out of London on the left side of the road. But we are brave, either that or stupid, so that is what we do....Today is Tuesday, March 25 and we are off on the second leg of our U.K. adventure....two senior citizens who should have more sense but obviously don't.  So please pray for us.  Its seems we're off in more ways than one.

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