Friday, April 4, 2014

Off in search of Wordsworth's Daffodils.

After we left Hilltop House we decided to try and find Dove cottage, the home of William Wordsworth.  It was described as being in the same general area, and believe it or not, we managed to locate it without getting lost once.  Some of these locations have been a search in futility for us.  We've driven down the same road more than once on more than one occasion.  Earl's comment was we were going to wear some of these roads out just driving up and down them so often.  The problem is there are so many little roads that all look the same and very few road markers.  So if you don't know where you are going in the first place it can be a real challenge.
Wordsworth's poem 'The Daffodils' or by it's other title 'I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud' has always fascinated me.  I wanted to see if I could see for myself.  Did daffodils really grow that profusely in the English countryside.  He didn't lie.  They do.  But the funny thing is there really weren't many where he had lived.  They had the Daffodil Hotel and the Daffodil Tearoom and so on, but there was a surprising lack of the actual flowers. 

Oh well, it's now after one in the afternoon and we realize we are both hungry and needing to eat, so we decided to try the tea room.  They have a selection of different things on the menu, but being who we are and liking to play like we really are English, we decided we would just splurge and have 'the tea'.....which consist of an assortment of little sandwiches, a pot of tea for two, scones, and cake. It comes with clotted cream, which I absolutely love, and an assortment of jellies.  The sandwiches were good, just small, and not really enough for two hungry people.  The scone with the clotted cream and strawberry jam was probably the best I've ever eaten.  Didn't touch the cake.  Just boxed it up to take with us.  It didn't take me long to realize I'd made a big mistake.  All that sugar on an empty stomach immediately sent my blood sugar soaring.  When we toured the house it was dark and cramped and way too many people for one tour.  I had to get out of there!  Not really much to see anyway, but we did learn some interesting facts about Wordsworth, his sister Dorothy, and his wife Mary.  I hadn't realized how close friends he and Samuel Taylor Coleridge were.

I didn't even try to take any pictures there.  It had so many buildings that had sprung up around the little cottage it was not a good photo op, so I just passed on that one.  But driving back home through the country side we spotted an old stone church with such an array of daffodils in the graveyard the likes of which I have never seen.  We did take pictures of that. 
Today I made sure I packed the map with the instructions on how to get to our hotel, so without much further ado, we arrived home safely before dark.  Another full day.  Another grand adventure.  Pictures of the daffodils in the graveyard will follow..


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