Sunday, April 13, 2014

Off to Scotland and Beyond.

Today is Monday, March 31 and we leave our hotel in Cumbria and head north to Scotland.  We manage to get out early so we're thinking maybe this time we will have time to visit Hadrian's Wall on our way.  We have consulted Google maps and outlined our route this time and decided that last attempt we turned one exit too soon, so this time we do manage to get the right one.  After some maneuvering we end up at the wall.  After parking the car we have a short walk and we are there.  Actually standing on a piece of rock that some Roman legionnaire put in place almost two thousand years ago.  Kind of blows your mind when you think about it, doesn't it.

Ok..we've seen the wall and now we're looking for the road to Scotland.  Problem is all these little roads look just alike.  Once again we're lost.  Big surprise, right!  After traveling up and down some roads more than once we finally meet a lady by the roadside and we stop to ask her just how to get out of here.  She takes one look as us.  "Lost, are you",, she says with a laugh.  I couldn't help but wonder how she knew....(chuckle)
She begins to patiently tell us where we needed to turn.  One of her instructions consist of 'go up the road to where the yellow company trucks are parked and take that road to the right'...I am secretly hoping that by the time we get there somebody won't have moved the trucks.  But we comply and sure enough, when we make the bend in the road, there are the trucks.  At last we're on our way.  Around four o'clock in the afternoon we arrive at Rait, Scotland, eleven miles from the town of Perth.  It is such a neat little seventeenth  century village and the cottage we will we staying in for the next eight days has a history that goes back to the sixteen hundreds.  Unbelievable!
No one is to be seen, but our landlords have graciously left us a note telling us where the key is.  We find it and enter.  How neat..  Just lovely inside.  Right now we are happy.  Happy to have arrived safety and happy with the place we have picked....end of another day in the U.K....more to follow.

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