Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cumbria Grand Hotel

It is Wednesday, March 26 and things are much improved after a good nights sleep and a real English fry up in the morning.  The breakfast comes with the room, which is a real money saver.  It's quite easy here in the U.K. to pay as much as $50 for breakfast for two people, and this one is really nice.  All kind of sausages, even black pudding, which we are very careful to avoid.  Unfortunately they put it on almost all the breakfast menus here and the very thought of it makes me sick, so I just choose to avoid the sausages altogether. They have eggs both pouched and scrambled, wonderful cheese, what they call bacon is more like our ham,  more like Canadian bacon, I think.  Fruit, an array of juices, several types of cereals, include porridge (aka oatmeal), several different types of breads, including croissants, (which I love and have every morning we are here).
This hotel is a relatively new one for the U.K.  I think she told me it was only about 120 years old.  And it is indeed grand.  Looks just like a castle.  It was one of the grand hotels the railroads built back when they were new and wanted to bring people up here for holiday, as the Brits say.  At home we would simply say we were taking a trip or going on vacation...One of the reasons we decided to come this time of the year was to see the daffodils, and I must say we are not disappointed.  They are everywhere!  Even going into the hotel they line the roadway, grow on the hillside, in the hotel garden...and they are at their peak.  Looks like we hit the jackpot as far as that is concerned.  Later today we will off to the Lake District, but that is another story, the details of which are to follow shortly.

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