Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bolton Castle and Mary Queen of Scots.

Our day in the dales took us next to Bolton Castle.  And the experience made me extremely happy I don't live in one.  By 1500 standards this place was a five star hotel.  My todays standards it was a lean-to that had seen better days.  Cold, dark, wet, and with steep, impossible stairs. One could get totally winded just coming down to breakfast.  Of course, in Mary's case she could have just demanded someone bring it to her in bed.  It even had a nursery for the children and I would have been petrified to leave one of my children there overnight.  We had a very nice lunch in the tea room with a nice hot bowl of cauliflower and blue cheese soup and a very good sandwich.  So all in all, it was a pretty good visit.  At least, very informative.   Mary stayed here for six month, during which time she was pretty much free to do as she pleased.  She had guest in and entertained them.  After all, it would have been easy for her.  She had a staff of fifty one people to do her beck and calling.  And I never realized that in a way she kind of asked for what she got.  My feeling was always that Elizabeth was cruel and heartless for killing her cousin, but Mary would drape her royal flag over the back of her chair while she was entraining  her guests.  This was considered a real a frontal

to Elizabeth.  So the Queen of England may have had real reason to fear her.  I couldn't help thinking if I had been in Mary's position, I would have down played it more, but then Mary had been brought up in the Court of France and pretty much spoiled and used to getting her own way.  She definitely had a sense of entitlement.   I would have just had the party and then let the servants clean up the mess and gone to bed.  Now that is my view of great entertaining.  Anyway, above  are some pictures of the castle.  Do wish I had made one of the tea room, but I was just too busy putting away that wonderful soup. 

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