Sunday, May 11, 2014

Road to Glen Coe.

It's been a while since I've written anything.  Been too busy trying to catch up on all the work I left behind when I went to Scotland.  We decided on Wednesday to go to Glen Coe, by way of Alberfeldy and Taymouth.  Once more we are driving through the heart of Scotland on narrow winding roads, most of the time right along the edge of the river Tay.  It is indeed beautiful country but it would be nice to have a little wider road to drive on.  One thing I can say about the Scots. They don't waste anything, including space. Everything is compact. In America we have plenty of space so we use it. In Scotland space is at a premium, so the roads are for the most part very curvy, narrow, and winding.
We stop at a town called Kenmore at the mouth of the River Tay.  Lovely old inn there that is one of the oldest in Scotland.  After talking some photos of the Inn we decide to walk to Taymouth Castle.  It is a much newer structure than other castles we've looked at, but it does have lovely grounds with lots of daffodils.  Back in the car and back on the road, heading straight into the Highlands of Scotland.   
Driving into the glen the mountains rose all around us. Pretty rivers and lochs (lakes) lined the roadways. The scenery was unreal...beautiful yet foreboding. I could just imagine a Highlander coming down the mountain side playing his pipes and wearing his tartan.
Glen Coe is famous for the slaughter of the Clan McDonald. King William of England had decreed that the highland clans would have to sign an oath of allegiance to him, and so one of the McDonald chieftains headed out to Fort William to sign the pledge. In the meantime, the King's army had arrived at Glen Coe and were welcomed by the McDonalds. They stayed for a week, were hospitably treated by their host, eat and drink with them. The McDonald Chief was delayed in reaching the fort because of bad weather so he didn't get there in time, and when the army chief, whose name was Campbell, found out it hadn't been signed, they proceeded to kill all the McDonald Clan they could find. Several of the women and children escaped into the mountains but they killed more than fifty of the Clan Chieftains..
Not exactly the best way to treat your host, I would think. My thought was he could have just given them a bad review. I think that would have served the purpose, but come to think of it, I have eaten a few meals where killing the host has entered my mind.
By the way, my daughter in law's maiden name was Campbell. I couldn't help but wonder if she's ever contemplated killing me after a meal at my house. LOL...Just kidding....

I will never forget my trip into the Scottish Highlands.  Something I've dreamed about doing all my life.  Now it's just a memory.  But what a wonderful memory it is.  Below are some photos of the Inn at Kenmore and Taymouth Castle....then the moody,
brooding Glen Coe.

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  1. I love these! Brandon & I are hoping to go to the UK for our 20th anniversary in a few years. Your blog posts are just making me more excited for it!